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Scoutr is an android app designed to help record information about other team’s FRC robots. The app helped with the collection and aggregation of information taken from matches and profiles collected in the pits. It was designed to be used by several team members, then could be synced via a central laptop. Users could retrieve data on a particular team by entering its number on the mobile app, or the desktop program.

In the desktop program, users can parse data obtained from the API of a popular FRC statistics website, The Blue Alliance. This will create a list of teams, as well as the matches that each team will participate in. During the matches, notes on the team’s performance and abilities may be recorded. The desktop could be used to record data from pit interviews and take pictures of the robot with a webcam, although this functionality was not often used. Data from the mobile versions could be downloaded and merged into the master database by copying files over USB. The merge process was hand-coded for each property.

The match notes tab. The match schedule tab. The team details tab. The team list tab.

In the mobile app, users could record counts of events that happened in the game and also data from pit interviews. Users could take pictures of the robots through the app. The app also made it very easy to look up a particular team by it’s number and see all the data associated with it. This was useful when strategizing before a match, or when picking alliance members at the end of an event.

The "Counters" page where a team's performance during a match may be tracked. The "Team Profile" page where a team's info may be viewed.