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LaunchChord is an application which allows a Novation Launchpad to function as a grid keyboard for a synthesizer/DAW. The layout of the keys is designed to make playing chords easier. Several parameters can be changed through the UI.

The LaunchChord UI. Here the input/output MIDI devices can be changed as well as the scale and the increment between different rows/columns of keys on the Launchpad.

This will configure the Launchpad. The root notes are red, the fifths are green, and everything else is amber. The keyboard may be transposed up or down several octaves with the up and down keys.

A picture of the Novation Launchpad

Technical details

The application is split into several parts:

  • A driver for the launchpad. This will translate MIDI from the launchpad into x/y coordinates, and output the correct MIDI to light up the device.
  • A keyboard class which interprets the x/y coordinates from the launchpad and emits out the appropriate MIDI
  • A music library which helps in music-theoretic manipulation of MIDI note values
  • The UI where everything is bound together