Calculator Hero

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Calculator Hero is a rhythm game made for the TI-83 graphing calculator. The game was programmed with Axe, which compiled BASIC-like code into assembly on the calculator.

One frame from the game A gif of the options screen and the game being played.

Here’s the description I wrote in 2012 on the omnimaga forum:

I am very proud to present my first Axe game, Calculator Hero! This game is much like guitar hero, but for the calculator. The only way to lose is to run out of points. If you hit a note, it gives you 2 points. If you miss a note, it costs you 7 points. If you hit a wrong note or hit a note early, it costs you a small number of points. The goal of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible. Press the Purple keys at the very top to hit the notes as they pass over the playing zone. As you score more points, more notes come at you, making it harder, and forcing you to lose points. As you get fewer points, less note come at you, so you can recover.

I was play testing while listening to Skrillex, and I found that the notes line up with a dubstep tempo. (135 bpm I think). If you like dubstep, try playing the game with it in the background.

There is also an options menu, where you can change almost every option in the game. I think the descriptions should be detailed enough for you to know what you’re adjusting.